A Lesson On Gravity & Time: Einstein's Relativity At Work At The Center Of The Earth

By Zee Mara, Parent Herald May 24, 06:59 pm

Applying Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the center of the Earth is estimated to be younger than its surface by two and a half years. This age difference between core and surface calls for the application of lessons on gravity in relation to time.

Gravity And Time Relativity Determine The Age Of The Earth

According to Science News contrary to earlier postulation, the time difference between the center of the Earth and its surface spans years. A 1960 proposal by physicist Richard Feynman asserted that mere days compose the difference between regions of the Earth.

Taking Albert Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity Into Account

Both the study recently published in the European Journal And Physics and the 1960s suggestion by scientist Richard Feynman took into account the principles of relativity as theorized by Albert Einstein.

The general theory of relativity as posited by Albert Einstein suggests spacetime curving or warping in relation to the strength of gravitational pull. Where gravity is strongest, time slows down and vice versa.

Time Relativity And Gravitational Effect Illustrated

An illustration cited by The Daily Mail is the difference between the movement of a clock in a speeding jet and the movement of one that is on the ground. The clock ferried by the jet will always display time faster than the clock on the ground.

The new study by author Ulrik Uggerhøj of Aarhus University in Denmark and his team applied this toward calculating the age of the Earth. When a clock is placed at the core of this planet and another clock is simultaneously placed aboveground, the core clock evidences time passing more slowly than the surface clock.

Ulrik Uggerhøj and his team, in fact, used findings by Richard Feynman as the premise with which their study assessed time and gravity relationship in determining the age of the Earth's core. The research team considered the factor of density difference between the Earth's crust and the core.

Calculations eventually yielded the two and half year difference between the Earth's core and surface. Thanks to gravity and the relativity of time, the heart of the Earth is more youthful than its mantle.

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