Education & War: Children Refugee Denied With Proper Learning, U.N. To Launch Educational Fund

Education plays a major role in children's life, but with the wars happening here and there, refugee kids have been denied to have a proper learning. Hence, the United Nations announced their plan to launch an education fund called "Education Cannot Wait" at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul to help the children in conflict zones.

What The Educational Fund Aims?

The educational fund aims to help the children affected by wars, natural disasters and other kinds of crisis. However, UNICEF together with Save the Children activists explained that education still lacks support.

The United Nation is eyeing to get 100 major institutions, companies, governments and international groups to support the educational fund. "Education is so important because it is the only foundation and stability in these children's life, where they can recover from the conflict," UNICEF's Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth told ABC News.

The United Nations intend to give proper education to the 18 percent of children affected by conflicts by 2020. By 2030, the U.N. is looking forward to help every child distressed by difficulties.

The Importance Of Education

A proper learning can lead a revolution to strengthen the world to stand up with its responsibilities to preserve its international law. This is also supported in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Huffington Post noted.

"Education Cannot Wait" will quickly give an aid to children whose education is disturbed when emergency, war or disaster ignites. Children's education has been suffering because of the lack of support and the crisis happening around the world and so this education fund is badly needed.

"Education Cannot Wait" values the importance of learning and it plans to make sure that every child's schooling will not be interrupted of any emergencies. It eyes to give children opportunities to have a good future that gives hope.

Education & War

Children are the most affected with wars happening in the world. Their education is suffering, childhood is gone and future is ruined, TIME cited.

School kids are obliged to join the armed forces; they are abducted and turned into slaves. The teachers, on the other hand, are kidnapped and killed.

From 2009 to 2013, there have been school and university attacks happened in over 70 countries. There is about 40 percent of kids living in areas affected by wars, they are the children refugee who are often out of school and don't have an entry to proper learning.

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