'Grimm' Season 6 Spoilers: Juliette Returns But There Will Be No Juliette-Nick-Adalind Love Triangle; New Season To Have A New Villain

"Grimm" is currently on hiatus after airing its last episode for season 5 last Friday. According to reports, "Grimm" season 6 has several surprises for its fans, this includes an expanded role for David Giuntoli, Juliette's return and a new villain.

'Grimm' Season 6 Will Have A New Villain

Entertainment Weekly, asked the "Grimm" lead actor David Giuntoli if Black Claw will return in "Grimm" Season 6 and the actor revealed that it is unlikely. "Oh, that group is so done. They're not gonna come for me again; I killed like 30 people that tried to get me. Now it's Renard versus Nick. I think," he said.

Since Black Claw will not be returning in "Grimm" Season 6, there are speculations that a new villain will arise in "Grimm" Season 6. There are also high chances that Nick and Renard will be up against each other in the upcoming season.

Juliette To Return In 'Grimm' Season 6 But No Love Triangle

For those who love Nick and Adalind, someone from his past will return. According to Hofmag, Juliette will return in "Grimm" Season 6. Will she be a threat to Nick and Adalind's romance?

"Well, the feelings have come back," "Grimm" co-creator David Greenwalt told TVLine. Guintoli teases that there will be "major come-to-Jesus moments or a dozen of those" with Juliette's return in "Grimm" season 6. That is because Juliette had done so many terrible things to Nick's family but she was under the influence of a power which is a side effect of something she did after trying to help Nick in the first place.

However, Bitsie Tulloch revealed that at the time, there are no talks about the love triangle in "Grimm" Season 6 but it will not be surprising if they include the Adalind-Nick-Juliette love triangle in the new season.

"For the time being (there's no love triangle), but I'd be shocked if they don't play with it because most of my comments on Social media have been 'Are Nick and Eve going to get together?' And I'm like 'Nothing as of yet,' but I'd be shocked if that doesn't come into play," Tulloch told Collider.

 'Grimm' Season 6 To Expand David Giuntoli's Role

Meanwhile, Guintoli revealed that he is moving behind the camera in "Grimm" season 6. He will be directing "Grimm" season 6's third installment as his first directorial episode. "I've been so compelled by what is going on behind the scenes. I know the show as well as anyone else," he told TV Line.

"Grimm" Season 6 is already confirmed. However, at the time, NBC has not released its premiere date yet.

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