[VIDEO] Watch This Kid's Amazing Talent In Bastketball, He Will Definitely Leave You In Awe!

Photo: (Photo : OMGFacts/YouTube)

You are often surprise to see your child's talent, but you will be amazed to see this boy's skill. Known as Trick Shot Titus, this little kid perfectly knows how to shoot a ball even from a far, with a lot of tricks.

He can shoot without looking, while moving, two balls in two rings at once and even from the 7th floor down to the ground. He's that amazing!

In fact, Titus had a one-on-one battle with the big stars like Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. And even though how big they are, they didn't stood a chance.

To prove his talent, Titus tried to his skill in basketball at the real hard court in WSU. Wearing his basketball uniform, he was accompanied by his supporting dad and a lot of awaiting crowd waiting to witness his amazing talent.

Holding his favorite ball, Titus shoot, the ball bounce and voila! It is a 2-point shot! Everybody is surprised to see Titus did that, they all cheer and roar. Of course, the proud daddy jumped out of joy and lifts his kid eagerly.

Want to see Titus' amazing talent? Watch the video below:

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