The Essay Writing Industry Is Making More Money: Does This Mean Academic Cheating Is Thriving?

By John Drowne, Parent Herald May 31, 05:00 am

The essay writing industry, where a third-party writer creates custom-tailored academic pieces for paying students, is now worth around $150 million. The fact that essay writing services are making more money at present has prompted questions whether academic cheating is also thriving.

The Essay Writing Industry Is Flourishing

"It is a booming business," Dr. Thomas Lancaster, a lecturer at Coventry University, told the Telegraph. Lancaster, who has been studying the essay writing industry for 10 years, said that the number of websites offering essay writing services continues to grow, an implication that the industry is making more money.

The bosses of All Answers Ltd and Essay Writer, two of the most popular essay-writing businesses, agreed with Lancaster's statement. Daniel Dennehy, customer experience manager of All Answers, disclosed that their company has expanded from seven people in 2008 to around 50 "highly qualified" full-time staff members this year to cope up with the demand. All Answers had over 16,000 customers last year.

Moreover, David Burton, general manager of Essay Writer, commented that the industry is booming because essay writing services are expensive. He added that the essay writing industry will continue to make money as the demand has never been higher.

Is The Booming Essay Writing Industry An Implication That Academic Cheating Is Thriving?

The essay writing industry has been criticized for facilitating academic cheating. But for Dennehy and Burton, the demand for essay writing services does not necessarily mean that academic cheating is also thriving.

Burton explained that the essays they created for students are intended for guidance and these should not be submitted by students as their own work. "The industry can be tarnished because students do not use it responsibly," he pointed out.

Dennehy and Burton revealed that the essay writing industry has been booming because of the international students and the rising cost of education. They said that most international students struggle in writing essays in a different language. They also added that the rising cost of education has made students resort to essay writing services because they cannot afford to fail.

According to the Huffington Post, essay writing services are popular in America, particularly in California, New York and Texas. Students from universities with competitive systems are usually the ones who avail this kind of service.

Does the essay writing industry facilitate academic cheating? Share your thoughts below.

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