Placentophagy: Pregnant Woman From Mississippi Wins Legal Battle In Favor Of Her Plan To Eat Her Placenta

By John Drowne, Parent Herald June 02, 04:00 am

A pregnant woman from Mississippi, who was initially denied with her plan to bring her afterbirth home for placentophagy, has won her legal battle. She is now planning to eat her placenta by having it encapsulated.

What Is Placentophagy?

Placentophagy is the practice of eating one's own placenta after giving birth to increase milk production, boost energy level and help get rid of postpartum depression. Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to support the benefits of placentophagy, the popularity of the act among first-time mothers has been mounting in the past few years.

Jordan Thiering, a Mississippi resident who is 33 weeks pregnant with her first child, told USA Today that she started to think about placentophagy when a postpartum friend advised her to mix her placenta to a smoothie. She said that she conducted a research about placentophagy and came up with a decision to eat her placenta by having it encapsulated.

The Pregnant Woman's Legal Battle For Placentophagy

Thiering confined her placentophagy plans to her OB-GYN who instructed her to inquire beforehand to the River Oaks Hospital where she plans to give birth. The pregnant woman said that she was disappointed when the hospital told her that she would need a court order before she could keep her afterbirth for placentophagy. She learned from the hospital that as soon she will give birth, she will be considered a "third party" of her placenta, which is already classified "medical waste."

"I grew my baby, I grew my placenta. There should be no one that can tell me what I can or can't do with it," Thiering expressed.

With the help of Jacqueline Hammack, a lawyer who specializes in women's health issues, Thiering appealed to the Rankin County Chancery County to allow her to bring her afterbirth home for placentophagy. On May 17, she received a court order that allowed her to keep her placenta.

Why Resort To Placentophagy?

Thiering is now planning to eat her placenta after giving birth by having it encapsulated. The pregnant woman said that she is aware that some women are against of placentophagy, but for her, it is the possible health benefits that convinced her.

"It's my choice and I think that all women really need be educated, knowing that their birth is their choice," Thiering stated. She added that pregnant women should be informed that placentophagy is among of those choices that can help them and their babies.

Are you in favor with the pregnant woman's decision to eat her placenta by having it encapsulated? Share your thoughts about placentophagy. Leave some comments below.

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