Is Vector ARC The Long-Awaited Alternative That Will End The Dominance Of SAT and ACT? Anti-Common Core Individuals Believe So

By John Drowne, Parent Herald June 02, 05:00 am

The dominance of SAT and ACT as well-established standardized tests in the educational landscapes of the U.S. might be coming to an end soon. Anti-Common Core individuals believed that the newly developed Vector Assessment of Readiness for College (Vector ARC) is the long-awaited alternative to the two testing giants, which burdened some parents and students for decades.

Vector ARC is an anti-Common Core standardized test option that promised fair, accurate and necessary assessment of academic proficiency to all public, private and home school students. The SAT and ACT college testing alternative, which is currently in the process of beta testing, aimed to restore educational freedom by providing a better opportunity for incoming college students to showcase their strengths.

"Vector ARC markets itself as a cheaper, better alternative to the SAT and ACT, and its creators claim it will only test students on the information they actually need to be successful in college and later in life, focusing heavily on the classical Western educational standards of the past," Justin Haskins, executive editor of The Heartland Institute, wrote on Forbes. He added that unlike Common Core-aligned tests like SAT and ACT, Vector ARC test will not be highly technical. He said that as long as the students have the essential skills, they will perform better on the new college assessment.

According to Stop Common Core in Washington State, Vector ARC is created for students who want to have a better choice aside from SAT and ACT. The new college standardized test is expected to be free from data mining, subjective scoring, socio-economic advantage and curriculum bias.

Education World reports that many experts believed that the introduction of Vector ARC is timely due to the increasing number of parents and community members who are looking for individualized alternatives to the Common Core-aligned SAT and ACT. After the passage of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in December 2015, Vector ARC is expected to dominate the college entrance exam marketplace of states that will not adopt the Common Core State Standards.

Do you believe that Vector ARC is better than SAT and ACT? Share your thoughts below.

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