General Mills Flour Recall: 10 Million Pounds Of Flour Recalled For Possible Link To E.Coli Outbreak

By Sno-Ann Digon, Parent Herald June 02, 11:29 am

After 38 cases of people in the U.S. got sick due to E.coli, General Mills is now recalling 10 million pounds of its flour. Reports have it that half of the 38 people were using General Mills flour before they got sick from E.coli.

General Mills Voluntary Recall

Huffington Post reported that General Mills issued a voluntary recall out of "an abundance of caution." Although the bacteria strain was not found in General Mills' flour, which include Gold Medal, Signature Kitchens and Wondra, the company still issued the recall as a form of precaution. Efforts were made to check the manufacturing plant of General Mills, which fortunately, the said E.coli strain wasn't also found.

CNN reported that the illnesses were said to have occurred between December 21 and May 3. The company also mentioned that they have neither received reports, nor have been directly contacted by any consumer who may have had contracted the E.coli bacteria through any of its products.

Kashi Co. Recalls Granola Bars

Aside from General Mills, Kashi Co, a company owned by Kellogg Co. also recalled a couple of its granola, and also its granola bars. The company recalled one variety of each.

Huffington Post also mentioned that the recalled bars had ingredients that were from sunflower seeds. These seeds could possibly be contaminated with the E.coli strain. Although it was not confirmed as to whether the said seeds were infected with the bacteria strain, Kashi Co. took the initiative to recall said products.

CDC said that eating raw batter or dough, which has not been cooked, but are only intended for cooking is not recommended as it might contain the E.coli bacteria strains. Aside from these uncooked dough or batter, possible E.coli sources include ground meat or beef and unpasteurized milk.

A possible infection from E.coli will produce symptoms like diarrhea, fever, vomiting and stomach cramps. Those who have weak immune systems are prone to contracting this bacteria.

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