Summer Camp And Food Allergies: Take The Necessary Precautions When Sending Kids With Allergies

By Sno-Ann Digon, Parent Herald June 02, 11:33 am

Now that the season for summer camps is at hand, many parents show growing concern for their kids who suffer from food allergies. Children being in summer camp, is not enough reason to let one's guard down, and not take the necessary precautions to protect children from a possible allergy.

A Little Research

US News said that the effects of an allergy flare up makes a lot of parents worried about the foods safety of their children. For the past two decades, allergy incidences have increased, which makes it all the more imperative for parents to protect their children whenever they're sent off to summer camps.

While there is sufficient basis for this worry, there is something that parents can do to help their children. One way is to look for the right summer camp which had built a reputation for being extra-careful when it comes to food preparations, especially for kids with allergies.

Go Dairy Free provides parents with a good list of summer camps that are known for being meticulous about the foods of their campers, especially what they serve to kids who have allergies. Parents can check out the different camps listen on the website and make a proper determination as to which camp will be the most ideal.

Answer These Questions

Aside from looking at the list of camps, parents must also exercise due diligence in researching about a prospective summer camp. Does a camp enjoy good feedback from parents of children with allergies? Does the camp impose strict measures to avoid allergy flare ups among sensitive students? Does it have access to epinephrine autoinjectors in the event a student accidentally ingests an allergen? Are there competent health staff that would attend to the medical needs of campers?

If parents could find camps that possess all the good qualities mentioned above, then that might be the best summer camp for a child with food allergies. Indeed, summer camps are fun and children must be able to enjoy one. However, parents must take the necessary precautions to protect their child with allergies.

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