Shared Parenting Laws Latest News & Updates: Why Florida Is Against To Shared Parenting Strategies

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald June 02, 10:17 pm

Many divorced or separated parents, celebrities and non-government organizations have long been advocating for shared parenting laws. In fact, almost 70 percent of the public is reportedly supporting shared parenting and the proposed law that goes with it.

Why Florida Is Against To Shared Parenting Laws

Uh-oh! It seems that Florida is not an ideal paradise for divorced or separated couples who wanted to practice shared parenting approaches. In fact, Daniel Forrest of revealed a governor did not support the newly proposed Florida law advocating shared parenting.

Forrest also added the latest shared parenting bill proposal aimed to give children equal time to spend with both parents as much as possible. Unfortunately, Florida laws were reportedly not protecting dads out there since the state makes child custody provisions depending on equal or close-to-equal custodial standard.

"Despite the fact that it has a heavy backing, the way the laws work in Florida don't support shared parenting and encourage the courts to break up child custody in whatever way is best suited in the situation, even if that limits a child's time with one parent," Forrest wrote.

Shared Parenting To End The Pain Inflicted On Broken Families

If Florida is against to shared parenting, Missouri is joining the national campaign that urged lawmakers to legislate shared parenting laws. As previously reported, almost 20 states across the United States have already proposed bills advocating shared parenting, with three states namely: Utah, Minnesota and South Dakota enacted shared parenting laws in recent years.

Speaking of shared parenting bills and laws, Missouri is reportedly urging its governor, Jay Nixon, to sign the shared parenting bill known as, House Bill 1550, which was placed on his desk on May 25. According to Missourian, the bill aims to end the pain that Missouri's family court systems bring on broken families.

National Parents Organization member Linda Reutzel also wrote that shared parenting is not only a solution for 21st century families. She said it is also a "common sense solution" that will resolve the issues of all involved individuals such as parents and judges.

The House Bill 1550

Missouri's House Bill 1550 has passed the Senate and the House 154-2. It encourages the family courts to award shared parenting as a post-divorce or post-separation custody arrangement, which allows children to spend equal time with both parents as long as parents are fit and there is no domestic violence history.

Since Missouri Governor has signed the House Bill 1550, broken families' children will not anymore be traumatized by the tense and often acrimonious process of divorce of separation. With the shared parenting laws, children will no longer endure the mental, physical and emotional burden of choosing between his or her parents.

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