Get Your FREE Donuts Today: What Do You Know About National Donut Day?

By Zee Mara, Parent Herald June 02, 11:12 pm

The first Friday of June brings the National Donut Day. Free donuts are now available in various promos and packages across the US in celebration of National Donut Day.

Where To Go To Celebrate National Donut Day

USA Today posts a list of places to visit to make the most of National Donut Day. Rounds of other places are giving out free donuts for the day, including doughnut outlets across the globe and here are a few.

For every purchase of a drink, Dunkin' Donuts is giving out a free donut. Duck Donuts, on the other hand, simply requires a visit to their official Facebook page to get a free National Donut Day treat.

Select Krispy Kreme branches are giving away free National Donut Day donuts with no prior requirement. Customers are encouraged, however, to give small donations to The Salvation Army through the charity's donation cans stationed in various branches.

Giant Eagle, Inc, for one, is offering a National Donut Day feast. Customers who buy six donuts from Giant Eagle, Inc. branches will automatically get another half dozen donuts for free.

Bagel and doughnut outlet Fractured Prune Crofton is not getting left behind this National Donut Day. Customers who visit select branches of the chain can choose from a whole range for their free donut.

What Is National Donut Day

National Donut Day is not just a celebration for donut-lovers. The National Donut Day tradition originated from a practice set up by The Salvation Army in 1938.

Every first Friday of every year, The Salvation Army set to accomplish a two-fold National Donut Day goal. On the one hand, The Salvation Army aimed to put together enough funds to help those who had little to nothing in the time of The Great Depression.

On the other hand, The Salvation Army also wanted to honor the "Donut Lassies" with the National Donut Day. The "Donut Lassies" helped ease the hardships of war by serving donuts to soldiers who were fighting in World War 1.

Where Did Donuts Come From

According to the Smithsonian, although Americans have staked a claim on donuts, the popular pastry is believed to have been Dutch in origin. This sweetened bread product, which is the foundation of National Donut Day, first came to Manhattan as the Dutch olykoeks (oily cakes).

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