Government To Provide Free Supply Of Vitamins To Pregnant Women In Scotland

By Elizabeth Anderson, Parent Herald June 03, 04:30 am

All of Scotland's pregnant women will be receiving free vitamins from the government by spring, its First Minister has announced. Some pregnant women are already receiving the free supply as of writing.

"Every child deserves a fair and equal chance and offering all pregnant women vitamins sends a strong signal that, right from the very start of life, we are doing all we can to help," said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, as per the Scotsman. Sturgeon said that this is supported by healthcare professionals.

Inews reported that all pregnant women will be receiving vitamin C, vitamin D and folic acid from the government. These free vitamins for all pregnant women will correspond to an estimated £300,000 to pay for taxpayers annually.

Free Vitamin Provision Supported

"We understand the long-term positive effects that good nutrition can have for pregnant women and offering these essential vitamins will help to improve the health of mothers, babies and children in Scotland," said Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood, as per BBC. Calderwood said that giving pregnant women vitamins indicates that the government is out to help children at the start of life.

Jackie Tollund from the Parents Network of Scotland also approved of the government's new policy. "Anything that we can do to give children the best start in life can only reap benefits in the years to come," said Tollund.

Free Vitamins One Of Child-Centered Policies

Besides free vitamins for pregnant Scottish women, the government has also set out to give more benefits geared towards improving the health of children. Scottish families with a newborn will also receive baby boxes contain essential items for babies.

The government will also be getting an additional 500 health visitors for Scottish children. For three and four-year-old children, free childcare will be doubled to 30 hours a week.

Do you think all governments should follow the Scottish government's lead? Share your thoughts below.

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