End Of The World Is Coming: AI Is Bound To Wipe Out Humanity, Leading Researcher Warns

By John Drowne, Parent Herald June 04, 11:42 pm

As tech moguls pave the new era of artificial intelligence (AI), the humanity is entering a dangerous time that might lead to the end of the world. A leading researcher has warned that AI is bound to wipe out humanity if scientists continue to create AI products that are not aligned with human's values and objectives.

AI Is Leading Humanity To The End Of The World

Ukrainian researcher Viktoriya Krakovna, co-founder of Future of Life Institute and Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University, told Express.co.uk that the extreme benefits brought by AI come with threats that might lead to the end of the world. Krakovna, who is one of the speakers at Europe's Brain Bar Budapest, said that scientists should be careful in creating AI that is more intelligent than humans as it might go beyond its purpose.

"The risk that human-level intelligent AI is not aligned with human values would be quite a large risk," Krakovna explained her theory about the possible end of the world. She cited an example that if scientists will build super-intelligent AI that can eradicate cancer, the machine might misinterpret that ending human life is the best way to get rid of cancer. She said that scientists should clearly specify that the purpose is to eradicate the cancer suffering while preserving human life.

"If we end up with a misspecified idea of human values then that could be really bad," Krakovna said. She, however, added that there is nothing to fear about AI and the possible end of the world as long as scientists would pay attention and align AI with human's values and objectives.

The Challenges Of AI Aside From The Possible End Of The World

The concerns of Krakovna about the possible end of the world have been echoed by Bill Gates during the recent Code Conference. The Microsoft boss said that while he is excited about the rise of AI, the real challenge is how to make sure that humans stay in control with the machines. He also added that another major challenge about the arrival of super-intelligent AI is that it will eliminate a lot of existing jobs.

Do you believe that the rise of AI leads humanity to the end of the world? Share your thoughts below.

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