Tumblr’s Notorious Shoplifting Community: Teen Shoplifters Brag About Their Stolen Items Online, Exchange Shoplifting Tips & Techniques

By John Drowne, Parent Herald June 06, 08:08 pm

A notorious shoplifting community on Tumblr should give parents another reason to monitor their kids' online activities. This online community is a haven of teen shoplifters where they brag about their stolen items and exchange shoplifting tips and techniques.

Inside Tumblr's Notorious Shoplifting Community

The so-called Liftblr blog has been touted as Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community, which is composed of users who are mostly teen girls. The online community gave teen shoplifters an avenue to proudly post photos of their stolen items such as designer bags, branded clothing and high-end cosmetic products. Aside from bragging about their loots, teen shoplifters also exchange tips, tricks and techniques for a safe and flawless shoplifting.

The members of Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community used usernames that make understandable references to stealing such as Stingray-Lift, ThievingLittlePrincess, Liftswift, Babyklepto and Rosie-the-Lifter. Tumblr hashtags like #shoplifting, #liftplay, #liftblr, #liftblogger and #shoplift were also widely used by teen shoplifters on this online community.

According to Good, Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community started in 2012 but it was only on February 2014 that the online community started to gain more members. As of press time, the online community of teen shoplifters is still active but has mellowed down after it attracted media attention.

Why Teens Engage In Tumblr's Notorious Shoplifting Community

Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community has received massive backlash from other users who believed that shoplifting should not be glorified. In response, most of the teen shoplifters in the online community justified their behavior by citing poverty.

"Literally so sick of all the hateful assumptions made about shoplifters," ThievingLittlePrincess, one of the community members, posted. "You know why I lift? Because I have watched my mom cry over how to put food on the table. Because we're being evicted today because we can't pay rent.

Moreover, other members of Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community tried to reason out that they only steal from multi-million dollar companies like Sephora and Victoria's Secret. Some teen shoplifters also defended their selves by pointing out that shoplifting is a form "activism."

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