Teachers’ Union Leader Urges Pope Francis To Intervene Over ‘Culture Of Bullying’ At Liverpool Catholic School

By John Drowne, Parent Herald June 11, 12:30 am

A teachers' union leader is urging Pope Francis to intervene over a "culture of bullying" at a Catholic school in Liverpool. Peter Glover, an executive member of the National Union of Teachers, claimed that past staff members at St. Oswald's Catholic Primary School in Old Swan felt "upset and oppressed" after they were bullied out of the school.

The Appeal To Pope Francis To Interfere Over A Catholic School's Culture Of Bullying

Glover told Liverpool Echo that he has sent an appeal to the Vatican, urging Pope Francis to take action of the complaints from the past staff of St. Oswald's Catholic Primary School. The union leader said that the culture of bullying by the Catholic school's management is already alarming and there is an independent evidence to support this allegation.

"They found the regime was awful... People feel frightened to speak out and lots of people are very upset," Glover stated.

Pope Francis has not yet replied to the union leader's appeal. On the other hand, the Archdiocese of Liverpool that runs St. Oswald's Catholic Primary School stated that it did not receive complaints about the alleged culture of bullying. It will, however, conduct an investigation to address the issue.

Staff Member, Parent Confirmed Culture Of Bullying At The Catholic School

A staff member at St. Oswald's Catholic Primary School, who requested anonymity, confirmed Glover's claims. She stated that just like the complaints of the past staff, the present employees of the Catholic school are suffering from the culture bullying, pushing them in a state of "despair" and "all-time low" morale. She added that they felt guilty for the students because they are too depressed and stressed to perform their jobs as educators.

In an email to Liverpool Echo, a parent has also justified the culture of bullying at the Catholic school. She said that she is concerned of her sons because they would always go home with stories of teachers crying.

Pope Francis On Catholic Schools

In his past speeches, Pope Francis has been very vocal about the need to reform Catholic schools. In November 2015, US News reported that Pope Francis urged Catholic schools to make education affordable for everyone.

Pope Francis has also recognized that teachers and staff members are undervalued by some Catholic schools. "It was his (Pope Francis) hope that countries around the world would come to appreciate the important role that teachers play and show their value accordingly," Robert Bimonte, president of the U.S. National Catholic Educational Association, stated.

What can you say about the Catholic school's alleged culture of bullying? Should Pope Francis intervene? Leave some comments below.

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