Parenting Startups 2016: How These Parenting Startups Make Parenthood Easy

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald June 13, 03:21 am

Becoming a parent is perhaps the most rewarding and most challenging event in a man or a woman's life. The idea of raising a child or simply taking care of another life is a great responsibility and getting the right formula is never easy.

Fortunately, new breed of parents can now go online and get some sound advice aside from their own parents, grandparents or other relatives who claim to be a child or parenting expert. Parents won't also have to rely on outdated tips and superstition because there are several parenting startups, which some are listed below, that claim to make the parenthood phase more bearable and easy.

ParentLane And ZenParent

ParentLane and ZenParent are both startups that cater to the Indian market. ParentLane is a social networking app that offers advice to mothers after going through a pregnancy while ZenParent provides parenting advice to various issues, whether it medical, fitness, nutrition or psychology, The Economic Times reveals.


Another parenting startup that offers sound advice to parents is BabyChakra. Established in 2014, this online platform aims to make parenting a "less tedious" routine. It also offers products and services that are perfect for moms and dad out there, Entrepreneur notes.


Considered as the largest parenting network in India, Tinystep is parenting startup that allows users to connect with other parents. They can share and ask on how to effectively raise their children.

Even though the company's initial market was India, Tinystep Founder and CEO Suhail Abidi said the startup company has collaborated with other providers worldwide. In addition to Tinystep and the aforementioned parenting startups, parents can also check the global parenting hub Kid Social Shell (KIDSS) or the eCommerce education startup Flintobox.

So, if you are having some hard time as a parent, you can check out these parenting startups. Speaking of parenting startups, a quarterback has recently made an investment in a parenting app.

Drew Brees And His Mobile Parenting App Investment

In other related news, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has revealed his plans on investing in OurPact mobile parenting app. According to NBC San Diego, the news was announced by ParentsWare Inc., the app's maker, on Jun. 2 but the financial terms of Brees' investment was not revealed.

"OurPact is a product I believe in," Brees said in a statement. "I heard about the application through a friend, and as soon as my wife and I tried it, we knew it was right for our family."

What are your thoughts about these parenting startups? Sound off below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.

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