Baby Burns: Warning Issued For Parents As 9-Month-Old Baby Scalds Skin From Garden Hose Water

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald June 13, 12:10 am

Parents are being warned to be more mindful of what their kids are doing this summer as a lot of accidents can happen. A 9-month-old baby in Phoenix, Arizona burned and scalded his skin while playing with water from the garden hose.

ABC 7 New York reports that when mom Dominique Woodger was planning on having her baby cool down in a kiddie pool outside their house, she didn't expect to end up burning her baby. As the pool has been set up, she propped down her son, Nicholas, on it and then turned on the faucet to fill this with water from the garden hose. However, the water from the garden hose was "extremely hot" that when it touched the baby's skin, it caused second-degree burns.

Dominique Woodger didn't think her son had been burned at first as she thought the boy cried because of the sudden burst of water. "He hates when he gets sprayed in the face," she said. Turns out, 30 percent of the baby's body was actually injured from the hot water and the mom saw that his skin started peeling off.

This type of burn is not new to Phoenix firefighters who confirm that they encounter this a lot during the summer. This is because garden hoses sit outside under 115 to 150 degree summer heat and the temperature can affect the water in it. "Something as short as a 10 or 30-second exposure can result in a second-degree burn," said Capt. Larry Subervi, via KTLA 5.

Dominique Woodger's 9-month-old would be okay according to the doctors who attended on Nicholas. However, his mother cannot help but feel for the baby, who has blisters all over his right side.

Parents are reminded that in this particularly hot season, it's best to check the water from the garden hose first to avoid an accident. Let the water run at least a minute before setting this on the kiddie pool or letting kids near it. For more on hot water burns and its treatment, watch this video:

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