Father's Day: Greeting A Single Mom? Why It Might Be A Mistake To Acknowledge Her On Father's Day

Are you planning on celebrating a single mom for Father's Day? Will you be greeting her on Facebook or congratulating her for a good job raising her kids as a single parent? While this might be regarded as a touching gesture, it might not always be an acceptable one. There are those who believe, including actual single moms, that this is not necessary on Father's Day.

Single mom Makita Gulley of Baby Center, would rather not be celebrated on Father's Day and hopes that people acknowledge that day for what it is --- a special day for dads. Her kids still celebrate the occasion though, but they do this with their grandfather, Gulley's own dad, via video chat.

On Reddit, over 300 comments discuss the inappropriateness of acknowledging single moms on Father's day because it can turn into a day for whining about deadbeat dads. The day is supposed to be a celebration of fatherhood and its good sides. "You don't see this kind of stuff on Mothers' Day," wrote the thread's original poster, Fathersdaycomplaints. "You can totally acknowledge people stepping into a dad role without bashing anyone else," chimed a mom, mommy2libras, into the discussion.

Letting a single mom know she is appreciated on Father's Day could also open wounds and abate the healing process of a family that was torn apart by the parents' now inexistent relationship. Whatever the reason was for their estrangement shouldn't be highlighted on Father's Day and it's also setting a bad example for the kids. To greet the mom a "Happy Father's Day" would be akin to discrediting the father in the child's life.

As Liberty Voice notes, children should see the value of both parents, regardless of how much presence their father has in their lives. The article's point is quite simple: Father's Day isn't a day for single mothers in the same way that Mother's Day isn't for single dads.

Do you agree with this opinion? What do you think about single moms being honored on Father's Day? Hit up the comments to share your thoughts!

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