Ryan Reynolds On Blake Lively: This Is How She Stole His Heart

By Aby V, Parent Herald June 14, 09:36 am

It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. No one is sure if this still works. Apparently this is the case when it comes to the men that Blake Lively dates. It turns out she is not just a talented actress but is an incredible cook as well.

Before Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married and became parents, they were just co-stars in Green Lantern and were just regular friends. During the premiere of Green Lantern in 2011, Ryan Reynolds adorably gushed about Blake in the best way saying that Blake's quite a baker, according to Yahoo!

To his surprise, Blake is in the kitchen all day long, baking for their crew on the set of their movie and whips up all the dishes that anyone can imagine. She even brought soufflés one time. "There's nothing she can't cook, that's sort of the problem...aren't actors supposed to be out causing massive amounts of bad press and trouble?"

The time, Ryan also expressed on how weird it was that even when Blake would be traveling 30 minutes away from home, the goodies she brought would still be warm. He joked that she must have had an Easy Bake Oven in her car.

 Nothing better (or tastier) than an evening spent with friends who share your passion. What you don't see is the epic foodie dice challenge which took place afterward! Such a great night @chefhunghuynh. Thank you! And thank you to the Preserve artisans who supplied our beautiful tools! Who can spot them? (Hint: 4 visible)

A photo posted by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Dec 16, 2014 at 9:18am PST

Blake Lively is really passionate about cooking. She expressed that nothing's better - or tastier -than spending an evening with friends who share the same passion as she does in one of her Instagram posts.

She was very thankful to have the pleasure of cooking with Hung Huynh, calling it "such a great night." It seems that Blake Lively is also ecstatic to be with someone who shares the same love for cooking, as cited in M2 Woman.

It is definitely Blake's baking skills that won Ryan over. In one interview, she says that Ryan calls their kitchen "The Blakery." So it will not be a surprise if Blake Lively would soon be coming out with a cookbook in the future.

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