Liam Hemsworth Talks Having Kids in the Future, Is He And Miley Cyrus Planning Now?

By Katherine Pine, Parent Herald June 14, 03:55 am

The Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth was interviewed recently about having children and the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus said that it would feel right to start a family but it is not happening anytime soon.

The latest interview of Hemsworth comes a week after he seemingly confirmed that he and Cyrus have gotten back together and are engaged for the second time around. Hemsworth was interviewed by GQ Australia as well as covered the magazine's latest issue and he shared that during their first break-up, it was difficult but they were at different directions at that time so they needed the time off.

Cyrus and Hemsworth got engaged in 2012 but called if off a year later. Earlier this year, the two were spotted together again at a music festival in Australia and days after, the two were back in California and were seen wearing the same engagement rings they were during their first commitment.

When asked by GQ about the real score between him and Cyrus, he shared, "People will figure it out, they already have...They're not dumb. I guess when I feel something, then I just feel it and I go for it. I make my decisions about what's going to make me happy, what I think is right and what I want to do-and I don't worry too much outside of that."

As for his latest interview about having children, he was questioned by NW magazine via Daily Mail that he knows he will go down that road one day. However, for now, he still feels very young and there are a lot of things to do without children. He reiterated that he will leave that idea until later on in life, Hollywood Life reported.

Hemsworth also has his fair share of spending time with kids as his older brother, Chris, have children of his own.

Hemsworth and Cyrus have never talked about their wedding plans yet as it has been the center of discussion by fans of the two. Many are saying that they are preparing to walk down the aisle in Australia.

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