Robert Downey Jr. Visits ‘Mr. Robot’ Set! ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Actor To Guest Star On Season 3?

By Samantha Finch, Parent Herald June 15, 12:32 am

USA Network's "Mr. Robot" has generated a steady group of followers even if it's still in its first season. Even big Hollywood stars like Robert Downey Jr. has jumped onboard the "Mr. Robot" fan base and recently visited the show's season two set.

The "Captain America: Civil War" star revealed how much he liked the acclaimed psychological thriller in an interview in GQ magazine's May issue, saying that the show "is probably the best thing that's been on TV or theater for five years." Rami Malek, who stars as the brilliant cybersecurity engineer and hacker on "Mr. Robot," said he was inspired by Downey and referred to him as "a role model for any actor," Entertainment Weekly reported.

Season 3 Guest Spot For Downey?

Malek said Downey visiting the set and talking to the "Mr. Robot" crew is "a huge compliment," the news outlet added. Malek said he actually asked the actor if he would like to do anything on the show's third season, and Downey didn't exactly rule out a guest star spot.

The show definitely doesn't lack for a celebrity fan base. "Mr. Robot" showrunner and executive producer Sam Esmail met "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof in the past. Jimmy Kimmel, who's also a fan of Esmail's show, served as the bridge behind the two's meet-up.

'Mr. Robot' Season 2 To Feature Virtual Reality

The second season of "Mr. Robot" will reportedly feature a virtual reality scene. Jeff Wachtel, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment chief content officer, revealed that the scene is "intimate and about the characters," Variety reported.

Esmail, who will direct all the episodes of season two, told Variety earlier this year that he is very specific about the visual grammar of "Mr. Robot" and how it will be shot. He has nothing against the first season's directors, but he thinks that his time on the show's set every day would be more efficient if he's more hands-on.

During the show's panel at the Television Critics Association, Esmail said the central arc of "Mr. Robot" is Elliott's emotional journey, according to Variety. With this, Season 2 will feature more backstories and a clearer timeline, as well as how Elliott will cope now that he knows that Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is just a figment of imagination.

Mr. Robot leads a group of anarchist hacktivists aiming to topple the consumer debt industry. Esmail said he's working with the FBI Cyber Crime unit to make the upcoming episodes more realistic as possible, Pop Sugar reported.

The second season will premiere on July 13, with Grace Gummer and Craig Robinson joining the cast. Watch the teaser below.

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