Infertility Problems: The Struggle of Men on Father’s Day

By Nicole Earll, Parent Herald June 18, 09:39 pm

It's that time of the year again when all fathers are being celebrated around the world. But while it is a happy, laid back days for most men as their little ones greet them and sing for them, there are those who feel out of place on Father's Day. These are those men who have been struggling with infertility issues.

A Challenge For Child-less Husband

Spencer Blake opened up with Motto how he felt every time Father's Day arrives. He and his wife had been struggling to conceive for many years, but to no success. Blake shared that many men wish they could be "on the receiving end of the wacky socks and the cliché grill scrapers." Sure he may have his own dad and his wife's dad to celebrate on this day, but it is still a different thing to be the one receiving. Blake is just one of many others experiencing such trial.

The Reality For Men

When it comes to infertility problems, women are more associated with the issue rather than men. However, the reality is that the husband is also a very important factor in the equation. And so when a couple is going through that ordeal, it must be remembered that the husband also needs the certain kind of support the wife receives.

The Huffington Post lists some tips on how a man battling the infertility problem can better face challenging days like Father's Day. Because a man's infertility struggles don't come as visible as others, he should understand that only he can solicit the support he needs. He can work on having a support system that works for him, such as having that one friend who might be experiencing the same thing, or talking to a health professional. Most importantly, he must keep his relationship with his wife stronger as ever because they both need each other's support. They should both find another connection in their union aside from having kids that would keep them together.

As for Blake, he said he is now in his fifth year celebrating Father's Day, after he and his wife adopted two children. Imagine those two as the adorable little ones speaking in the video below.

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