‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Defends Polygamy And Starts Looking For Fifth Wife

"Sister Wives" has been on air for seven seasons and has received mixed comments from fans and viewers over the Brown family's polygamous lifestyle. In a recent statement, Kody Brown defends his lifestyle choice and is allegedly looking to add a fifth wife to his growing family.

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has been slammed online over his polygamous lifestyle. The reality star admitted that the audience's response surprised him because he thought that times have already changed and that people were more open to such kinds of lifestyle choices.

"I thought we were living in the age of tolerance," he said, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. "I was drunk on my own arrogance."

The Brown family aimed to show the world through "Sister Wives" that their family is pretty much like any other families out there despite their polygamous lifestyle. Kody also slammed the notion that having a polygamous lifestyle means assigning partners to different roles such as mother wife, etc. through the TLC reality series.

Kody said that people should not stereotype them based on their "monogamous perceptions." The publication notes that polygamy is illegal in Utah and the Brown family's appearance in "Sister Wives" led them to face prosecution.

However, the Brown family was able to survive the feat and a recent report claims that Kody Brown is already looking to add Wife #5 to his growing family. According to Radar Online, the "Sister Wives" star is already eyeing on his son's nanny, Mindy Jessop as his fifth wife.

Kody's decision has allegedly made wife #4, Robyn, furious because Mindy was also her step niece. Robyn is also frustrated because she thought she was irreplaceable but the first three wives said that Kody has always been that way.

"The problem is when Kody gets tired of you, he's done," a source said.

Kody's decision to get a fifth wife allegedly came in lieu with reports that "Sister Wives" is already experiencing drops in ratings. The insider shared that getting a fifth wife might be Kody's attempts to get the attention of viewers again.

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