'The Winds Of Winter' : Did George R.R. Martin Want To Be A Plumber? Original Target Of 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' Completion To Change "Game Of Thrones?"

"The Winds Of Winter" almost never happened if George R.R. Martin had ended up a plumber. Although the wait for "The Winds Of Winter" seems interminable now, the books of "A Song Of Ice And Fire" saga should have been finished in 1998 and the "Game Of Thrones" tv series could have turned out differently.

On a hopeful note, The Independent reports that "The Winds Of Winter" is not as far off as George R.R. Martin fans thought it to be. Citing website PIESN LODU I OGNIA, The Independent says that arrangements for Polish translation of "The Winds Of Winter" is being arranged and projects that George R.R. Martin should be ready with this installment in "A Song Of Ice And Fire" before the end of 2016.

However, that happy ending for "The Winds Of Winter," "A Song Of Ice And Fire" as a whole, and the "Game Of Thrones" tv series could have turned out differently based on two little George R.R. Martin details. One was cited by Esquire from a conversation between celebrated author Stephen King and George R.R. Martin.

In the conversation, George R.R. Martin gave fans a peek into his work process for "The Winds Of Winter" and for "A Song Of Ice And Fire" as a whole. According to George R.R. Martin, a normal routine as far as he knows is put-putting about and being plagued by self doubts on if he should have been a plumber instead.

As an aside, Esquire calculated that if Stephen King wrote "The Winds Of Winter" in place of George R.R. Martin, the sixth "A Song Of Ice And Fire" book would have been completed inside 173.333 days. Still, considering that the original completion targetted for the whole "A Song Of Ice And Fire" saga had been in 1998, "The Winds Of Winter" book launch for 2016 or 2017 is a fair compromise.

Had George R.R. Martin met his original "A Song Of Ice And Fire" target, the whole series may have had a different feel to it. Consequently, the "Game Of Thrones" tv series would have turned out differently.

"Game Of Thrones" tv series could have also come out earlier and Sansa Stark, Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow and even the show's technology would not be the ones that "A Song Of Ice And Fire" fans came to know. Perhaps George R.R. Martin did "A Song Of Ice and Fire" and "Game Of Thrones" fans a favor by taking his sweet time.

At the very least, George R.R. Martin did not decide to be a plumber and churned out "A Game Of Thrones," "A Clash Of Kings," "A Storm Of Swords," "A Feast For Crows," "A Dance With Dragons," and now "The Winds Of Winter." George R.R. Martin will then follow "The Winds Of Winter" with "A Dream Of Spring" by 2040 at the latest to round up "A Song Of Ice And Fire" in full.

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