‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ News and Updates: You Don’t Want To Miss These Two New Pokemon

"Gotta catch 'em all!"

Fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon video game can no longer contain their excitement. In a recent news about Pokemon Sun and Moon games, the advanced states of the celebrated Pokemon Zygarde was revealed. Even though much of Zygarde's advanced states has already been shown both in the anime and the side games, it is still the very first time that the character's advanced states will be viewed in an official Pokemon Sun and Moon video game this November 23.

It was in the Taiwan National Pokemon Championships event that the announcement was made about Zygarde's 10% transformation, giving this Pokemon character an appearance that of a black dog having yellow green markings and with a yellow green scarf as cited on Polygon. But it will be totally amazing when Zygarde's changes to its final form, a Gundam robot.

Moreover, a revelation of 2 new Pokemon Sun and Moon characters is to be expected on top of Zygarde's advanced forms. A leak of a Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro showed pictures of the new Pokemons called Iwanko and Nekkoala. Iwanko has Vital Spirit and Keen Eye abilities and has the appearance of a brown puppy but is actually a Rock-type Pokemon. Nekkoala, meanwhile, is a gray koala-like Pokemon and has the Definite Sleep ability, which can definitely make it immune to all types of attacks except Sleep.

The leak by CoroCoro, in addition, made mention that Iwanko and other 3 neophyte Pokemons (Popplio, Rowlet and Litten) share a mysterious secret, leading Pokemon Sun and Moon fans to theorize what this secret might be. One strong theory suggests that these Pokemons - and the entire Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay - would be entirely based on alchemy as cited on NeuroGadget.

The body shapes and markings of the starter Pokemon are much similar to alchemical symbols. Rowlet's round body, more particularly, body resembles the symbol for salt; Litten's eyes and its forehead markings, a symbol for sulfur; and Popplio's head, ears, and body, a symbol for mercury. Iwanko's head, ears, and paws, moreover, appear like the symbol for lead, usually found in rocks and may be one perfect reason why this puppy-like Pokemon is classified as a Rock Pokemon. Many fans believe that the mythos of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games will be based on alchemy.

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