This American State Ranks FIRST In Child Care And Well-Being; What State Is LAST?

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald June 23, 01:51 am

A new report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation on Tuesday, June 21, has identified the best and worst states when it comes to upholding the well-being of children. Gathering data from 50 states around America, the study was conducted using specific methodology under the KIDS COUNT Data Book.

It cites Minnesota as the number one American state for child care and well-being. The state also topped the ranks in last year's report. So, how did other states fare and which ones were in the bottom of the ranking?

The report, which can be downloaded in full at the foundation's website, considered factors like economic well-being, education, health and quality of family and communities in its rankings. Per CNN, states in the Northeast region filled up the top posts most, while many southern states lagged behind.

However, the study also saw marked improvements for states located in the Midwest and predicted that these states could become higher in the rankings in the coming years. Below are the top and bottom five states as cited in the child well-being rankings:

Top Five -

1. Minnesota
2. Massachusetts
3. Iowa
4. New Hampshire
5. Connecticut

Bottom Five -

46. Alabama
47. Nevada
48. Louisiana
49. New Mexico
50. Mississippi

While pleased that it has retained the top spot, Minnesota locals believe that the state could still improve services that promote child well-being. Stephanie Hogenson, who is aligned with the Children's Defense Fund-Minnesota, said that the state must specifically work on creating programs that will uplift the conditions of "children of color and American Indian children," per MPR News.

Meanwhile, CD Dispatch reports that Mississippi should focus on education the most to improve its rank from the last spot. There are various new programs with funding for each state, but it seems these are quickly abandoned in Mississippi. The CD Dispatch notes that, unfortunately, this has been an ongoing cycle in the state.

How did your state rank? Do you agree with the positions? Let us know in the comments!

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