'Big Brother 18' News And Updates: 99 Days To See Houseguests Fail, Feeds From Viewers May Affect Show?

By Dimple A. , Parent Herald June 23, 06:05 am

"Big Brother 18" is finally here to wreck havoc on the primetime nights. It has been contemplated that 99 days would bring the bad and good side of the housemates. Also, viewers discretion is rising regarding the effect of the Feeds to the entire the show.

Big Brother Network relayed that finally its time to be mesmerized by the grand house designed for "Big Brother 18" and the activities of the housemates in the coming days. Many are projecting the series to bring about major changes in its challenges and hurdles.

It is also anticipated for tension to arise among the housemates. As "Big Brother 18" housemates' identities were revealed, the rigidity of the reality-based series has solidified. Meanwhile, despite the promising scenes, the feeds are still one of the concerns felt by the viewers. For one, the Feeds are not free but it is programmed to run on a free trial mode.

Although technology is making its presence strong in "Big Brother 18," many are still wondering on how well these apps would truly work such as getting the latest notifications, breaking news and other events. Also, the Feeds might be temporarily free, but it does not imply that it could not deliver the detailed information pertaining to the live events occurring in and out of "Big Brother 18."

On a different aspect, it is an expectation of many that the two-night premiere would rattle viewers along with the real-time updates for "Big Brother 18" feeds, reports Parent Herald. According to the report, fans and enthusiasts of "Big Brother 18" should not worry because the Feeds are already prepped up to unwrap the excitement that will surely occur in the big house.

99 days are the number of days that each housemate of "Big Brother 18" would showcase their worth, their abilities and skills. Now that the doors are opened for the viewers to see the lives of the housemates, viewers' discretion is still advised and will indeed matter.

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