Education Trends: Redeeming College Education During These Tough Times Involving Lots Of Social Issues

Higher education is currently on the verge of going down due to factors that affect students' life such as sexual harassment and the ongoing issue regarding police brutality. Almost every day, these issues are on the news and it is like the 60s all over again.

In an article posted by The New York Times, the publication pointed out that we are currently living in a challenging time when it comes to inspiring and encouraging students to pursue their academic career. With the rise of crimes involving racial discrimination and issues on funding a college education, it seems to get more and more difficult for students to remain on their academic goal.

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Student Engagement

One of the solutions here is called "student engagement," which people in this field already knows, but oftentimes is neglecting to do so because of prioritizing the subjects they are teaching. It is important that students have an active participation in their class and are emotionally committed to their studies. It is the educators' job to put that fire of passion back to the student's for their motivation. This method would help in making students focused on their goal of achieving whatever it is that they want to by using their college education.

Making Students Independent and Interactive With Fellow Students

As educators, it would be helpful if you would be able to teach students on standing on their own while looking out after their fellow students. It is not enough that they learn on their own, but they too should know how to manage to work with other people. This is something that would inspire them to keep going and also not practice apathy with the people surrounding them.

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