Oregon Mother Fatally Shoots Intruder After Finding Person Inside Child's Bedroom

A stranger was found inside a child's bedroom in Oregon and the mother of the kid opened fire fatally shooting the intruder on Sunday morning.

The New York Daily News reported that police officials were called at the home located in Portland, Oregon. They arrived at around 1:47 A.M. and found the intruder dead inside. The intruder is said to be a man. The homeowner, who has not been identified but is said to be 33 years old, was the one who called 911 and told officer that she shot the man.

The mother was reportedly out with her two children, ages five and 10 years old, before coming home and found the man in one of the bedrooms of her children. The woman was armed with a handgun and shot the man, who is said to be 59 years old.

It was not clear if there has been a conversation between the man and the woman that prompted the shooting. It also remains unknown how long has the man been in the room of one of her children. The gender of the children were not revealed and it was unknown where the father of the children was at the time of the incident. Police officials also did not provide details as to how the man made his way into the home.

The woman has not been taken in or charged. Police officials are still investigating the matter and will see if the woman will be facing charges. The woman has been cooperating with the investigators.

An autopsy on the man will be conducted by Monday. He is expected to be identified soon once his family or relatives have been notified about the incident.

The case is said to be presented at Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for further investigation of the case.

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