‘Longmire’ Cancelled After Season 5? Walt And Vic’s Romance Is Show’s Endgame? [Spoilers]

"Longmire" Season 5 is almost done with production and new episodes for the Netflix series are expected to be released this fall. With reports noting on the drama's possible series finale, will the show end with Vic and Walt's romance in lieu with Craig Johnson's books?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Longmire" Season 5 may serve as the series finale on Netflix; that is, if rumors about the show's cancellation are true. According to Ecumenical News, the upcoming season is believed to be its last on TV given the ratings that it has received since Netflix renewed the show after it was canceled on A&E.

However, fans should be reassured that Netflix still has not confirmed whether or not "Longmire" Season 5 will serve as the series finale. Much of the show's fate lies on the ratings that it will be receiving once it airs new episodes this fall.

It is also speculated that "Longmire" Season 5 will finally feature a romantic relationship between Vic and Walt. This speculation is based on the fact that Walt and Vic's relationship was featured in Craig Johnson's books where the show is based on.

Many fans were not so thrilled with the idea of pairing Vic and Walt in "Longmire" Season 5. Fans debated that Vic and Walt seem more like friends and there is no chemistry between them; however, in Johnson's books, Walt and Vic are the endgame.

Meanwhile, Carter Matt notes that Katee Sackhoff recently shared a behind-the-scenes tour on the set of "Longmire" Season 5. The publication also notes that should the upcoming season serve as the series finale, there will definitely be some sort of announcement from Netflix.

Do you think "Longmire" Season 5 is the series finale? Should Walt and Vic be together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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