'God Of War' 4 Release Date, News & Update: Kratos In Norse Mythology Only Tip Of The Iceberg? SIE Franchise Has Secrets?

When the original "God of War" was released on PS2, the game blew away gamers and critic alike. By taking the combat style popularised by the "Devil May Cry" series and wrapping it in a Greek mythology storyline, "God Of War" gamers were introduced to something truly original and captivating at the time.

As the start of a brand new franchise during Sony's heyday of the PS2 (considered by the numbers the most popular console of all time), it was clear that Sony Santa Monica and "God of War" series originator David Jaffe were laying the groundwork for a series with far reaching potential. This was easy to forget when after almost ten years "God of War" had featured seven games in the Greek mythology franchise.

By "God of War Ascension" in 2013, one could argue franchise fatigue had set in. However, as "God Of War" 4 would evidence, Sony has always had a few tricks up their sleeve.

As far back as the original "God War," easter eggs indicated that protagonist Kratos' story was only the beginning. A skilled and persistent gamer who beats the original "God of War" on the hardest difficulty was treated to a short cut scene called "The Fate of the Titan."

In this short "God Of War" video, Sony Santa Monica explained what happened to the Titan Chronos but teased "a new hero" in the modern day. This essentially laid the groundwork for a "God Of War" story that did not just start and end in Ancient Greece.

Fast forward to 2016 to the reveal of "God Of War" 4 at E3 2016. In "God Of War" 4, Kratos is now home among the myths of the Norse.

Already fans are clamouring to decipher what will happen to Kratos and his son in "God Of War" 4. GamesRadar did an analysis of Norse mythology and how the "God Of War" 4 Kratos might fit into it.

The most interesting of their "GOW" 4 theories is that the son of Kratos may in fact be Tyr, the Norse sky god and the later Roman God of War. Another "God Of War" 4 possibility is that the son may be Ullr another Norse warrior god.

The article is lengthy and worth a read, though we will have a to wait a while to find out firm details on Kratos in "God of War" 4. Parent Herald reports that holiday season 2016 is the expected release by Sony of "GOW" 4.

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