Autism Anchor: A Platform to Share Your Experiences with People with the Condition

By Jericho Miller, Parent Herald July 12, 10:01 am

Autism is described as a spectrum of disorders, so its symptoms are as pervasive or as widespread as one could imagine. Parents of children with autism also have a wide array of different tips and tricks to help cope whilst caring for their child, but they may not have an avenue to share these techniques. Luckily, a local mom from Guilford has created an "Autism Anchor" in which parents can share their knowledge on the topic to those who are interested.

Paige Slocum is the mom of Jake, a young boy who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder back when he was three years old. Paige explains that when her son was first given the prognosis of ASD, she found t to be "devastating," and like she was being "thrown into this vortex of unknowns." The Slocum family reportedly spent a lot of money trying to find the best way to remedy Jake's condition, but it turns out that the best way is to ask those who have considerable experience with children having the same condition.

This is the primary reason why she came up with Autism Anchor, an application that resembles a mix of Facebook, Yelp, and The app is still in its beta phase, but it will hopefully be launched by the time fall kicks in and be populated with numerous parents fighting the same fight. Autism Anchor will be released as a free service.

Aside from giving parents a platform to share their experiences, this app also has other useful functions, reports Fox News. One of these helpful functions is how it can help you find the best therapist to cater to your child's specialized needs. Hopefully once this app is finally released, it can help countless parents care for their child in a much better way to help improve their development in different aspects.


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