'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers and Updates: Abigail Dead From the Plane Crash? Hope and Rafe Trapped After Bombing Incident

By Katherine Pine, Parent Herald July 12, 05:39 am

Fans of the soap "Days of Our Lives" have been shocked as the episodes this week started with a lot of crazy happenings. It is reportedly possible that Abigail might have died from the plane crash and that Hope and Rafe have been trapped after the bombing incident.

Chad's is very heartbroken since he has been looking for his missing wife but there have been no leads possibly pointing to her whereabouts. TV Over Mind then reported that Andre might have something to do with her disappearance and Chad is aware that he is lying about something in the past episodes of "Days of Our Lives."

Chad learned on the Monday episode what happened to his wife and speculations have surfaced saying that Andre might have killed Abigail via the plane crash. Other speculations for "Days of Our Lives" claim that Andre saw the news about the plane crash and used it as an alibi for people to think that Abigail is one of those killed so he could continue to keep here wherever she is being hidden.

"Days of Our Lives" fans will witness in the upcoming episodes that Chad will believe he is now a single father but the problem keeps on piling as Abigail's family wants to take the baby from him.

More on the explosive drama for this week on "Days of Our Lives," Rafe and Hope will be in grave danger. Fans saw earlier that Rafe has been chained to a bomb and Hope will try everything in her power to save Rafe. Hope tracks Rafe down and attempts to remove the chain from Rafe by shooting a portion of it but he warns that it could lead to the explosion.

"Days of Our Lives" fans will reportedly see a bomb squad being called in the area where Rafe and Hope are. Andre is also behind the possible death of Hope and Rafe and he is very pleased that all his plans are working.

Other spoilers for "Days of Our Lives" claim that the two will be able to make it out but will be trapped in the building due to the explosion. It is unclear how the two will be getting out of the debris and rubble.

More on the "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Theo and Claire's relationship might blossom into something more in the coming episodes of the drama.

Do you think Abigail will ever resurface on "Days of Our Lives?" Will Rafe and Hope survive? Sound off below!

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