Celebrity Parenting Style Questioned: Victoria Beckham Slammed After Kissing Daughter Harper On The Lips, Ignites Debate Online

By Samantha Finch, Parent Herald July 13, 08:34 am

Celebrity parents aren't safe from the criticisms of the public especially when it comes to their parenting styles. Victoria Beckham is one of those celebrity moms unwittingly put in the center of another parenting debate online after posting a snapshot with her daughter Harper.

Beckham, 42, shared the sweet picture on Harper's 5th birthday on Wednesday, July 10. In the photo posted on Instagram, the mom-and-daughter duo was seen lounging in a pool as Beckham kisses Harper on the lips.

Mixed Opinions

Some of Beckham's 11.6 million followers were offended with the snapshot, saying that it's inappropriate and strange for parents to kiss their children on the lips. One commented said it's adorable when children kiss their parents, as long as it's not done mouth-to-mouth, OK! reported.

Fans of the former Spice Girls member defended her and said that the photo depicts a love between a mother and daughter. Some even shared a picture of themselves kissing their own child.

Beckham's husband David also shared a snapshot of himself and the birthday girl Harper on Instagram. Victoria and David also have three older sons: Brooklyn (17), Romeo (13), and Cruz (11).

This wasn't the first time that the Beckham couple's parenting style was criticized. In August 2015, David defended their parenting methods on Instagram when Harper's use of a pacifier at four years of age was criticized. A parenting expert and former midwife said the dummy puts the child at risk of speech and dental issues, Daily Mail reported.

Is It Really Bad To Kiss A Child On The Lips?

While families commonly display physical affection toward one another, parents still have different opinions when it comes to kissing a child on the lips. BBC interviewed a social etiquette expert named Liz Brewer about the matter, who said that kissing a child on the lips is a rare practice but it doesn't mean that it's bad. In the end, it's the parents' right to decide whether the practice is wrong or not.

In 2015, child psychologist Dr. Charlotte Reznick sparked controversies when she declared that kissing children on the mouth is "too sexual," Independent reported. Given that the lips is an erogenous zone, it "can be stimulating" to the child and can confuse them.

Reznick, who penned the book "The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety Into Joy and Success," told The Sun that children might equate kissing with sexual and romantic activity between their parents. With this, kids could question why their parents engage in kissing them too.

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