Transwoman in Target Idaho Caught Taking Photos Of Teen While Changing In Dressing Room

By Beatrice Walters, Parent Herald July 14, 12:09 pm

Be careful of dressing rooms; sometimes they aren't all private. At a Target store in Idaho, a transwoman was caught taking photos of a clueless teen when she was inside a supposed-to-be private fitting room.

According to Duhaime's Law Dictionary, voyeurism is defined as the "secret viewing of another person in a place where that person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, for the purposes of the viewer's sexual arousal." Buzzfeed reports a recent incident of voyeurism in a Target store at Idaho involving a transwoman and teen girl.

An 18-year-old girl was checking if a bathing suit fits her in one of the dressing rooms in Idaho Target when an iPhone popped up on top of the barrier that separates the changing rooms. Apparently, the teen was being observed by a person at the other dressing room and wanted to take her photo while changing.

As per The Blaze, the teen begged for help and wanted the pictures deleted. According to Buzzfeed, her mother immediately came to the rescue but the suspect was quick and was able to run away in a vehicle.

When the police asked the mother and daughter to describe the suspect, they said that they saw a white male in a dress and a blonde wig. The police would found out later that the white male is a self-identified transwoman whose legal name is Sean Patrick Smith but goes with Shauna Patricia (via Buzzfeed).

Shortly after, a detective interviewed Smith and found out that the transwoman liked taking videos of women changing their clothes because it is sexually gratifying. She is currently facing one count of voyeurism and is jailed as a male because that is still Smith's legal gender (via Buzzfeed).

As per Buzzfeed, the transgender community condemns the act of Shauna Smith and emphasizes that this is not a crime related to her being a transwoman. Tri-States Transgender Group facilitator Emily Jackson-Edney describes the incident as a setback in the fight for gender equality.

Do you think that Smith's identity as a transwoman has something to do with the crime of voyeurism when she took a photo of the teen girl in the dressing room? Comment your thoughts below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.

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