Yelp Adds 'Pokemon Go' Filter For Pokestops; Catch Em' All While You Eat!

By Sue Flay, Parent Herald July 16, 09:52 pm

The amazing "Pokemon Go" worldwide saga continues, that even people at home can already find out if one of them 'Mons is nearby. With the help of another Pokestop filter tactic, the beloved "Pokemon Go" characters can somewhat get traced more easily.

Online search and review service Yelp has just introduced its latest addition to their services, according to Engadget. As "Pokemon Go" mania has already started in the UK, pretty sure the mobile-game app's fans won't resist looking up more Pokemon via the added Yelp Pokestop filter.

The release of Yelp's take on the "Pokemon Go" phenomenon in the form of the Pokestop filter service is also a very wise business strategy. Fans who had learned of the app have said that the Pokestop filter option is made available in the form of a review.

Niantic Labs has yet to comment on Yelp's "Pokestop Nearby" service. However, answering just a few questions on the review for a "Pokemon Go" Pidgey, Magikarp or Eevee won't really hurt Niantic much.

Yelp also shared details on how to effectively find those most spotted "Pokemon Go" characters in an official blog post. Interestingly enough, the online review service stated already finding up to a few thousand Pokestops. Players just simply need to answer this pop question: "Is there a Pokestop nearby?", and that's that.

One advantage for Yelp's newly introduced "Pokemon Go" Pokestop filter is that of a stress release, says LifeHacker. Long periods and walks devoting to catching all Pokemons can be truly overwhelming, and for some people, a value-added filter option can be really of great help.

Although this "Pokemon Go" Pokestop finder wouldn't probably be 100% accurate, it could still turn into an enjoyable experience for most people. Just make sure not to leave your place unsecure though when you go out looking for these Pokemons.

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