'Magic Mike 2' Cast Channing Tatum's Baby is a Rebel? 'She’s a Go-Against-the-Grain Kind of Girl' Says Mom

Channing Tatum's daughter knows exactly what she wants, even as a 21-month old! Tatum's wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum confessed that little Everly was a "go-against-the-grain kind of girl," according to People.

The actress revealed that her little girl stands firm once the child decides what she wants to do. Dewan-Tatum shared her observations she noticed in her young girl: "She's talking a lot more." 

"Her new favorite thing is to tell me, 'Mommy, I want down,' but it's never an appropriate time. We'll be walking down the street and I'm like, 'No Everly, you can't [sit] down here.' "

Dewan-Tatum candidly said that she wished only for the best life for her daughter in the future: "I just want her to be a confident, happy, passionate girl who feels comfortable in her skin and is able to pursue her dreams."

Mrs. Tatum is determined in being a part of her daughter's life every step of the way. The Daily Mail UK reported that the actress doted on her daughter on March 13, while out shopping in Los Angeles. The mother and daughter wore a match of lace romper and camisole tutu dress wardrobe in their outing. 

Celebrity Baby Scoop reported that Dewan-Tatum and her "Magic Mike" husband just recently bought a $6 million elegant Beverly Hills home which was formerly owned by Carrie Fisher and David Soul. Some of the couple's celebrity neighbors are Demi Moore, Harry Styles and Lisa Vanderpump. 

The new majestic Tatum family home is the perfect place for Everly to explore her surroundings. The luxurious home covers a 4,835 square feet-sized estate. The house has a separate guest house, a gym, a pool and two privately secluded driveways.

In a guest appearance in "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" back in January, Channing Tatum proudly talked about his amazement in his little girl's funny "poop face," according US magazine

The "Magic Mike" actor was not shy in confessing his insights about childhood to Kimmel, while copying his little girl's funny expression. He said, "That's my favorite thing about babies is they all have these different poop faces." 

"I can't help but think that it reminds me of Marlon Brando in the Godfather when he dies,i like with the orange."

Tatum even proudly revealed in the show about having a friend named Boy when he was a child. He later on indicated, though, that he completely made it up!

Tatum fondly recalled: "That's what he said his name was and I went with him on it." 

"He just told me his name and it was Boy, and I didn't question him on it. He liked peanut butter sandwiches with Cheetos in them."

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