'God Of War' 4 Release Date, News & Update: Mother Of Kratos' Son Critical In SIE 'GOW'?

SIE Santa Monica Studio unveiled "God Of War" 4 at E3 2016 with a distinctly different Kratos. Not only was the changed Kratos a strong attraction in "God Of War" 4. SIE also reeled fan interest with the introduction of Kratos' son in "God Of War" 4.

Parent Herald reports that "God Of War" 4 Creative Director Cory Barlog made an intentional change in Kratos for "GOW" 4. Instead of the psychotic protagonist in previous "GOW" iterations, Kratos seems a much more tempered character in "God Of War" 4.

Kratos' son also gained massive attention at E3 2016 as "God Of War" never painted the "GOW" protagonist as someone who could raise a son. One might remember that Kratos killed his first family, including his children, after being tricked by Ares.

However in the "God Of War" 4 trailer, Kratos was seen patiently teaching his son survival skills. One wonders if the old Kratos will surface at any point in "God Of War" 4.

GamesRadar reports that SIE purposely keeps the name of Kratos' son a secret and may indicate significant point in the "God Of War" 4 story. The media outlet suggests that "God Of War" 4 will reveal Kratos's son as a Norse hero or possibly a god of the mythology.

PlayStation Universe highlights the bigger question on the identity of the mother of Kratos' son. As reported by the media outlet, the "God Of War" 4 trailer showed Kratos telling his son that the mother taught the "GOW" lead how to hunt.

Segment Next reports that just as the name of Kratos' son is being withheld as a matter of "God Of War" 4 shock value, so is the boy's mother. The media outlet cites Cory Barlog in stating that the identity of the mother of Kratos' son will eventually be critical in "God Of War" 4.

Kratos and his son will make the rounds this coming holiday season when "God Of War" 4 is released. Do you have a vote on the identity of Kratos' son and the "God Of War" 4 hero's wife?

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