Hypno-Parenting: Hypnotism As A New Parenting Style

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald July 23, 11:29 am

Over centuries, people had been baffled about the nature of hypnosis and how actually it works, and modern science has little to explain how hypnotism actually happens. Although a person under hypnosis can be observed, but there is no clear explanation of the hypnotic state that the person undergoes.

Hypnotism is widely practiced by a number of people to reduce stress, anxiety and pain according to a report on National Graphic. However, it remains struggling for mainstream public acceptance, so much so that using hypnotism as a new parenting style is negatively viewed by some. This is called 'hypno-parenting'.

Just recently, a famous professional hypnotist claims that she can actually use her powers of persuasion in transforming even the worst-behaved kids to act like angels.

"Hypnosis and parenting is a natural combination," hypnotist and mother of three Lisa Machenberg said as cited on New York Post. "If we learn hypno-parenting, we learn how to hypnotise our children to be cooperative, peaceful, have containment and have good study habits because they have focus and have more resilience out there in the world," she further added.

Nevertheless, hypno-parenting aid does not really come cheap. For an hour's session, Machenberg charges clients $125.

More than 23 years now, Machenberg claims to have hypnotized over 1,000 kids. Machenberg, 56, from Malibu, California, said that even her husband and kids are quite often under her spell.

"I hypnotize my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time," Machenberg said. "We have a household to run. Many times, I exert influence so my children are able to get their chores done, so this house runs efficiently," she added.

Her children think that her mind games can be a bit much to take. "It could get a little crazy when she tries to hypnotise us at every single possible situation that she can. It could get a little overbearing - she gets in your head," Jake Ney, Machenberg's 19-year-old son, said.

Her husband, Bryan Ney, says he does not actually mind her hypnotizing him. "I see no downside to having Lisa hypnotize family members, but maybe that's because she's hypnotized me to think so," Bryan deadpanned.

But Machenberg asserted that she had never used her hypnotic skills to help parents compel their children to do things they should not be doing in the first place. For Machenberg, hypno-parenting might just be the solution to put an end to conflicts as well as nurture children to become good adults in their later life.

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