‘Grimm’ Season 6 Air Date & Spoilers: David Giuntoli Dishes On ‘Sexual Tension;’ Nick Leaves Adalind For Juliette?

By Bernadette Waldorf, Parent Herald July 27, 03:50 am

"Grimm" Season 6 is just a couple of months away from its return to the small screens and details about the upcoming season of the NBC series were revealed during the San Diego Comic Con. David Giuntoli recently dished on the "sexual tension" between his and another character on the series. Will Nick leave Adalind for Juliette?

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Grimm" Season 6 cast recently hosted a panel at the 2016 SDCC. During the said event, David Giuntoli, Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee and Bitsie Tulloch shared some details about their characters and what fans can expect to see next season.

Giuntoli teased that there will be "sexual tension" between Nick and Renard in "Grimm" Season 6, notes TV Equals. The actor was joking and later on clarified that things will become "more intense" for these two next season and fans can expect that these two will go all out in their fight against each other.

The love triangle between Nick, Adalind and Juliette is also something that fans should look forward to in "Grimm" Season 6. In an interview with Blastr, Giuntoli said that Eve will start to recall some of her past personal memories and Nick and Eve will need to sit down and talk to each other.

Giuntoli and Tulloch also recently announced that they are engaged. Their engagement in real life led to speculations that Nick and Juliette will also get back together in "Grimm" Season 6; however, this remains a mystery and only the upcoming season can reveal Nick's decision and how he will end this love triangle.

Zuri is also believed to return in "Grimm" Season 6. Russell Hornsby said during the panel that fans and viewers did not see Zuri die in the previous season of the NBC drama so her return remains a possibility.

"Grimm" Season 6 airs on Oct. 28 on NBC.

Do you think Nick should leave Adalind for Juliette in "Grimm" Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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