Pregnancy News: Fertility Bracelet Connected With App Shows Women Their Most Fertile Days

By Elizabeth Anderson, Parent Herald July 28, 10:18 am

A new fertility product for women in the form of a fertility tracking bracelet revealing one's fertile days has been launched. The Ava bracelet is worn by women at night and its sensors are said to measure the breathing rate, heart rate variability, pulse rate, sleep quality and temperature, among others.

"Timing intercourse around ovulation is critical for conceiving, but the current options for doing so are inadequate. We're long overdue for a device like Ava that detects the fertile window precisely and easily," said Prof. Brigitte Leeners, as per an Ava press release posted in PR News Wire. Leeners led the clinical study for the bracelet.

Fertility Bracelet Comes With App

Digital Trends reported that the Ava fertility bracelet is meant to be synced with an app during the morning. The information on the woman's body that the bracelet collected throughout the night will then be transmitted to the app.

According to CNET, the app will display the collected physiological information data through several graphs. The Ava app reportedly also features a timeline of the woman's menstrual cycle which points out her most fertile days.

Ava Fertility Bracelet Said To Be 89 Percent Accurate

According to Ava's press release, the Ava fertility bracelet recorded an 89 percent accuracy of detecting an average of 5.3 fertile days per menstruation cycle. The clinical study to test the bracelet was conducted at the University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland.

"Even if you're tracking your periods to try to optimize your timing for conception, only about 30 percent of women have fertile windows that fall entirely within the time that clinical guidelines predict," said Ava Science CEO and co-founder Lea von Bidder in the press release. Bidder claimed that the Ava fertility bracelet can "can cut the time it takes to get pregnant in half."

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