Comfort For Autism: Sensory-Friendly Nesel Backpacks Comfort Children With Autism By ‘Hugging’ Them

By Samantha Finch, Parent Herald August 01, 09:30 am

Something as simple as backpacks can provide comfort to children with autism. Nesel Packs, a business venture of a group of students, caters to both of autistic children's unique talents and struggles through backpacks.

Nesel Packs' backpacks are essentially a weighted vest that comes with a hugging strap lined with soft fabric. Co-founder Martha Pietruszewski said the backpack's straps are wider at the bottom part and are "really meant to hug you," KARE11 reported.

Co-founder Jake Portra said the inspiration for the backpacks came from his experience of helping children on the autism spectrum. That experience exposed Portra to autistic children's exceptional talents and problems. Per KARE11, he said, "I thought hopefully we can make a product that allows them to forget about those difficulties when they're at school."

Calming Effect Of Weighted Vests On Children With Autism

Studies have found that weighted vests provide great comfort to children with autism spectrum disorders and disabilities. Sensory integration therapy involves providing autistic children with controlled sensory stimulation activities such as brushing or rubbing the body, applying deep pressure, and compressing the joints, according to a research published in the Association for Science in Autism Treatment.

Nesel Packs' backpacks are equipped with a security strap in the front, a personal ID pocket, hip belt to add an extra sense of security to the wearer, and a tablet compartment for an iPad and a 14-inch laptop. There are sensory tool hooks as well, which also provides extra sensory stimulation to the wearer.

You can pre-order the backpack here for $115. The item is available in blue, green, pink, and purple color variants, and is designed to fit children with ages between six and 12.

Other Sensory Tools And Products For Children With Autism

In India, researchers from the textile engineering division of IIT-Delhi and AIIMS designed a low-cost vest that reduces autistic children's hyperactivity. The vest does this by enhancing children with autism's attention, on-task behavior, and impulse control, Times of India listed.

There's Kozie Clothes as well, which sells apparel and products that have soft and tactile-pleasing fabrics. Their clothing does not have tags, has comforting inverted seams, offers quick and easy dressing, and with safe and stress-free access to tube sites.

Vests and clothing aren't the only items that provide comfort to children with autism. Chill-Out Chair's patented deep 'V' foam design gives a cocoon-like feel. The chair's foam design also provides light pressure that allows a person to relax and minimize spastic muscle movement, which people with autism often experience.

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