PlayStation VR Latest News: PS4 NEO Not Required, Sony Exec Confirms; What Gamers Really Need

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald August 02, 12:19 am

Sony's newest gadget, the PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) headset is set for an October release. Initial impressions from gamers suggest that to be able to maximize the headset and its games, a PS4 NEO should play PSVR-ready games better. However, an executive from Sony confirms that this is not necessarily required and PSVR players might actually need something else.

PlayStation VR Can Be Enjoyed In Current PS4

Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida said that the PSVR headset and PSVR-ready games will be playable on the current PS4. "All the PSVR (and future) titles will be playable on (normal) PS4," the executive said, per IGN.

Sony's Yoshida also stressed that everyone should be able to enjoy the latest innovation without any performance problems. Thus, owing a PS4 Neo, which has yet to be released, isn't actually a must. The current console will be able to play PSVR and gamers will still notice the stark differences compared to regular games. As outlined by Engadget, PSVR games' output deliver a cinematic experience to highlight its visual power.

PlayStation VR Gamers Should Have Bigger Rooms For PSVR

However, a member on Reddit points out that instead of gamers worrying about the power of the PS4 to play PSVR games, they should look into the specifications of the room where the machine will be set. Apparently, for gamers to be able to sufficiently use the PSVR, they will require a bigger space for their play room, as detailed in Sony's advertising pamphlet.

The camera in the PlayStation console requires at least 9.8 ft x 6.2 ft of space in a room that's about 60.76 sq ft. The space must also be without any obstacles and obstruction as gamers will have to move about and walk around while playing.

[image] Official area/room size requirements for PSVR from Sony's advertising pamphlet.

However, Daily Star reports that gamers can still stay seated when using the PSVR headset. Those wearing glasses can still enjoy the device, but with some marked differences that vary per user. Sony's recommendation is to test the PSVR at shops first before making a purchase.

The PlayStation VR will be in stores Oct. 13, 2016. The add-on device is priced at $399.00 and retailers have already been taking pre-orders.

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