Parenting Tips From Celebrities: Oscar Winners Matthew McConaughey And Charlize Theron Give Their Best Advice For Moms And Dads

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald August 04, 12:40 am

Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron are both accomplished and award-winning actors. But despite the nature of their work and their popularity, they are parents first and foremost.

Matthew McConaughey, who is married to model Camila Alves since 2012, has three children -- Levi, 8, Vida, 6 and Livingston, 4. Charlize Theron, while unattached, has two adopted kids -- Jackson and August.

The two stars are currently making the press rounds to promote their latest film, "Kubo and the Two Strings," an animated movie that is perfect for kids. Thus, the subject of being parents are always brought up for these two actors, given the nature of their latest movie.

"Kubo and the Two Strings" is about a young boy with special mystical powers, per Entertainment Weekly. It is based off a Japanese folklore, where the boy, Kubo, encounters spirits that wreaks havoc in his village, threatening his mother.

The story is much a fantasy as it is a story about family and the things you do for your loved-ones. Charlize Theron voices the Monkey in the story and said that what pushed her to sign up for the movie is so that she can connect with her kids.

"You think as a parent, you realize there is no limitation of what you will do," she said in the video. "If you feel like you have to become something or someone for your child, in order to get something through to them, you do that." The actress also noted that "Kubo and the Two Strings" is a lot like her own family, which isn't what society would consider as traditional or cookie-cutter, she said per Today.

For Matthew McConaughey, who voices Beetle in the movie, his best parenting advice is that it's important to become friends with your kids on top of being their parent. But he admits that he constantly has to gauge when to be a friend and when to be a parent, as he has seen what the disadvantage it can bring. Watch the two actors talk about parenting in the video below.

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