Chelsea Clinton To Assume First Lady If Mom Hillary Clinton Wins Presidential Seat, But Here's Why Some Disagree

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald August 10, 12:30 am

Chelsea Clinton, 36, will be the designated First Lady if her mother, Hillary Clinton, wins as President of the United States in November. Friends say that the Democrat candidate's only child is willing to take part in such a capacity in her mother's administration, should it happen.

Hillary Clinton's husband, the former president Bill Clinton, will be designated as the First Gentleman, who might not be keen on helping organize state dinners and other official parties and events at the White House. According to Quartz, as a presidential spouse, Bill Clinton can choose what his role will be in his wife's administration. However, it has been said that Hillary Clinton hopes her husband will be actively participating in health care. Thus, the rest of a presidential spouse's "domestic duties" will then have to be relegated to Chelsea Clinton.

While this is still not yet definite -- as Hillary Clinton would first have to win the presidential seat -- the choice seems to already be getting some criticisms. One friend of the family remarked via the New York Times that it's unlike Chelsea to be playing the social secretary. However, it is also unlike Chelsea to be offended if her parents did ask her to handle White House's domestic concerns.

But some point out that Chelsea Clinton grew up with the best of education and is an accomplished and intelligent individual. The situation and expectation might also be different had the Clintons have a son for a child, and not a daughter.

Chelsea Clinton could very well serve her parents in a role that will have her giving inputs on policies, and not merely on what the White House should be serving its state dinner guests. If ever, the Clintons can hire someone else for these domestic roles.

Chelsea Clinton will not be living in the White House if her mother wins. She will stay in her own residence with husband Marc Mezvinsky and children, Charlotte, 2, and Aidan, a growing infant, the reports further confirmed.

So, what do you think? Should Chelsea Clinton serve her parents in a bigger and better capacity than what's expected of daughter or a woman? Sound off in the comments!

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