'Winds of Winter' Release Date & Major Spoilers: GRRM Kills More Stark And Lyanna Mormont? 'TWOW' Done, Will Have A Surprise Launch?

It has been over five years since the fifth book of "A Song of Ice and Fire" was published. Yet, "ASOIAF" fans are still waiting for "The Winds of Winter." There are rumors that the book is already done and that George RR Martin is planning for a surprise book launch. Meanwhile, more Starks will die in "The Winds of Winter."

According to International Business Times, "The Winds of Winter" might feature another popular death. The last book drive the readers crazy when George RR Martin killed Jon Snow, now many are wondering, who is doomed in "The Winds of Winter?"

IBTimes suggests that Lyanna Mormont might be axed in "The Winds of Winter". The character is a beloved in "Game of Thrones" season 6. Unfortunately, George RR Martin is the type who doesn't consider how his fans see his characters. In fact, the genius author is skilled in killing the popular and favorite characters in his books.

The "The Winds of Winter" scribed tweeted about the Lyanna Mormont fandom. He wrote, "So you guys like Lyanna Mormont... Noted." He even added a wink in his post, which triggered fans to believe that Lyanna Mormont's future in "The Winds of Winter" is bleak.

In a separate post, George RR Martin disclosed that every time someone asked him about "The Winds of Winter's" release date, he kills a Stark. In fact, he is running out of Starks in his next books.

Parent Herald previously reported that the sibling Arya Stark and Bran Stark might face their demise in "The Winds of Winter." Are they among the characters that George RR Martin killed due to inquisitive fans?

Meanwhile, there are rumors that "The Winds of Winter" is already done and is already ready for publishing. In fact, George RR Martin will be having a surprise book launch. However, some believe that a surprise book launch is not practical given the book's popularity.

George RR Martin is expected to announce the release date of "The Winds of Winter" when it is ready. A surprise book launch is unlikely.

Do you believe that a surprise book launch for "The Winds of Winter" is unlikely? Do you agree that George RR Martin will announce "The Winds of Winter's" release date when it is ready? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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