'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: New Easy Steps In Trading 'Pokemon Go' Candy After the Latest Updates; New Features Added

By John Adrian, Parent Herald August 12, 05:30 am

"Pokemon Go" has been a success since day one and Niantic is very busy doing some updates consistently to ensure that players would enjoy their "Pokemon Go" adventure for the next few months or might be until the next year.

The Android Pit said, a huge change from the "Pokemon Go" update last Sunday, including the latest battery saving feature, unfortunately, it seems this is only available for iOS. Some other new features are the correction of XP Bonus and an all new "Pokemon Go" Safety Warning for those who are hunting while driving.

One of the significant change is the "Pokemon Go" Candy Trade. Candies play a very important role in the game, it is an essential to evolve Pokemons and it is used for leveling up as well. Candies will surely be a thing for trading, and in the recent update, steps in trading Candies have been changed. Here are some tips on how to trade the "Pokemon Go" Candy since the latest update was released, these steps was provided by Bustle.

First, from the "Pokemon Go" game screen going to the main menu, you need to tap the Pokeball at the bottom. Once you are on the "Pokemon Go" Main Menu, tap the Pokemon icon on the left. This will bring you to the list of the Pokemons you already collected.

While you are on the list, select the Pokemon that you want to trade for "Pokemon Go" Candy just like selecting what Pokemon you want to view. After selecting the Pokemon, you will have a full preview of that Pokemon provided with a new option on the bottom right, tap the Menu Button and tap Transfer. A pop-up confirmation message will appear before you can proceed. Keep in mind that once the transferring or trading in "Pokemon Go" is done, you cannot get back to it.

Always use the "Pokemon Go" Candy wisely, you might want to use a Lucky Egg before using the "Pokemon Go"Candy for evolving your favorite Pokemon monster.

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