2016 Elections: 'Walmart Moms' Can't Decide Clinton And Trump Vote But Believes That The Republican Would Lose From The Democrat

Every now and then, Walmart does focus group discussions, and this week, the supermarket invited over 20 women, all of whom are moms, to talk about who will be the next President of the United States. The moms, who are from Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona, had different opinions but they all agreed in one thing: Trump won't win against Clinton.

Five out of the twenty moms actually said they would vote for Trump. However, for them and the other fifteen moms that Walmart convened for the discussion, media's tone of coverage and Trump's language might cost him the Presidency.

Politico reports about the event that was sponsored by Walmart and organized by Republican pollster, Neil Newhouse, in partnership with a Democrat, Margie Omero. It was done through a video conference wherein only the first names of the mom participants were known.

As per Yahoo News!, "Walmart moms" make an estimate 14 to 17 percent of the electorate in the coming Presidential elections on November. They are described by pollsters as women who have children under 18 years old and with an average household income. They are, of course, usual customers of Walmart. 

Generally, the "Walmart moms" are dismayed with the election race so far, with the candidates themselves, and have not decided yet who to vote and/or settled with a candidate because he/she is the lesser evil. Some said they would be supporting other Presidential candidates from smaller parties such as Gary Johnson from the Libertarian party.

As per Yahoo! News, the Walmart moms regard Clinton as an untrustworthy candidate who lacked warmth and heart. Meanwhile, Trump is an immature candidate who has a big mouth and short temper that they won't vote despite his entrepreneurial success.

According to Women's E-News, if the Presidential candidates want to win the mom vote, they should focus on education. A study shows, majority of moms, regardless of their party affiliation, would vote for the President that would make college more affordable, guarantee fair ground of academic success, improve school facilities and programs and make high quality early childhood education more accessible.

Ultimately, these are moms who want the best for their children and their families. As per Yahoo! News, they care less about the presidential race but more about how the candidates would help improve their living conditions.

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