Education Technology Latest News Updates: How EdTech And Artificial Intelligence Help Transform Higher Education And Online Learning

In an era where modern technology has become a valuable influence in the lives of humans, it's safe to assume that technology will be able to enhance the learning experience of educators and students, especially in higher education and online learning. As experts combined education technology (EdTech) and artificial intelligence (AI), a powerful tool to potentially transform education has been born.

Due to the pervasiveness of technology today, the way students communicate and entertain themselves have changed. But some experts believed that the implementation of education technology alone in schools, colleges and universities across the nation is not enough to revolutionize education.

As artificial technology continues to rise and gradually becomes a technological trend, AI-based language tech start-up Knowble managing director Josef Misik that education technology products will soon deep learning or AI technology to effectively address the common challenges when it comes to learning. The integration of AI in EdTech platforms, however, won't be only beneficial to students, as it would also be a great resource for educators, who are responsible for tracking the students' learning progress, as said by online education company Coursera VP of enterprise Julia Stiglitz.

"Most educational technology products will have an AI or deep learning component in future," Misik said, as per Business Because. Stiglitz also added, "[AI-driven] Data [analysis] is an amazing resource for teachers, who glean detailed feedback on how learners are processing information."

Moreover, some experts believed that integrating artificial intelligence on education technology platforms or products will also be helpful in improving the academic performance of students. In addition, EdTech and AI have also been perceived as an effective way to improve and develop better learning and assessment tools, particularly in terms of online learning.

Aside from the benefits of education technology and artificial intelligence in online learning, experts also saw their potential in transforming higher education. As a matter of fact, Times Higher Education outlined four AI and EdTech benefits in universities.

One the key benefits pointed out was the fact that artificial intelligence and education technology will help prepare higher education students for an industrial revolution, where more equipped and skilled workforce is needed. Second, AI and EdTech can potentially solve major higher education challenges such as the "underutilized and underfunded" AI-based learning analytics used to monitor and analyze students' learning improvements.

Artificial intelligence and education technology can also help educators tailor learning based on the students' individual needs through the use of data analytics. Lastly, higher education can be a conducive place for AI research as it can improve its benefits without hindering its progress.

"There are essential human abilities and skills that AI is a long way from mastering: social intelligence, empathy, love and creativity, for example," Times Higher Education wrote. "In addition to these essential human abilities there is another that is crucially important to education: the human ability to contextualize our actions. Context is a key variable in the effectiveness of education; some would argue it is the biggest variable in a student's propensity for success."

In other education technology and artificial intelligence-related news, Penn State's School of Music associate professor and music education graduate program chair Ann Clements is reportedly developing an AI-driven virtual reality classroom. According to Penn State News, Clements is exploring the usefulness of technology through the AI classroom prototype called First Class.

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