Toddler Gets Infected By Necrotizing Fasciitis During Chickenpox And It Almost Killed Him

A 13-month-old baby in Kempston, Bedfordshire, was reportedly hospitalized and was in a near-death situation due to bacteria that started with chickenpox. Doctors found out that the toddler was experiencing early signs of necrotizing fasciitis.

In an article published by The Daily Mail, they reported that the toddler, Charlie Cave, was rushed to the hospital due to a large wound on his neck area. It looks like an infection that was slowly eating his flesh and it all began when he had chickenpox. Doctors had to put him in an induced coma for further observation and they even had him in Intensive Care Unit for 14 days.

Cave's case is a rare case of bacteria where the tissue underneath the skin is destroyed. It took the doctors seven hours of operation to solve the problem and they even told his parents not to keep their hopes up. The bacteria went to his neck and started eating its flesh in that area that it went to going black.

The father of the toddler, Allan, couldn't even describe how horrific that experience was for them, especially when the doctor dropped the news that their child had sepsis. It was hard for them to look at him and accept that their little angel was in critical condition. Charlie is now 19-months-old and is out of danger. However, he is still required to go to the hospital for check up and for his scars to be taken care of.

According to the CDC, having a healthy immune system would prevent anyone to experience necrotizing fasciitis. This is a dangerous disease that it could lead to death if not diagnosed early. Parents should make sure that their children are taking the right amount of Vitamin C and other supplements to keep their immune system on point.

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